My Own Online Freelance Story

My Name is Lee, and I freelance from my home office in the UK

I started freelancing online in 2012 shortly after leaving a small design agency that had to close!

Rather than look for a Job, I decided to try and make a go of freelancing online ( with much encouragement from my Wife!). I was able to earn enough to pay my share of the bills, mortgage food, etc. in just a couple of months!

I had always dreamt of working online and believed that it was possible to use the internet to work from anywhere and build an online global client base, but I needed to find a platform to get started.

I had wanted to freelance online as far back as 2008 however the technology was not really up to speed. There was not much of a market for online freelance work or the technology in 2008 to allow me to build an online freelance business from scratch.

2013 was the year my online design business began to take off thanks to the freelance websites that existed which helped me to find freelance clients anywhere in the world. I offered a range of design and branding and animation services specifically focused on online marketing.

Since 2013 I have served over 3000 clients from across the globe and 99% of which I have never met face to face. Working for a global customer base rather than a local customer base has provided my freelance business with more security and flexibility. I am no longer hemmed in by the limitations of local geographic customer base or required to work a set 9 to 5.

Freelancing online has changed my life in that I can work from anywhere. We recently went to Australia to visit family for three weeks. I was able to take the first week off from projects and have a holiday with the family and catch up with our family who lives in Australia. The second and third week I was able to combine working on projects and still have a great holiday it also gave us extra spending money!

During the four years, I have been freelancing online; I have learnt how to find work online, How to build my freelance brand, How to find the perfect customers and how to build trust with clients who have never met you so that they will hire your services. I have also learnt to manage busy and demanding periods of work.

All of which I share with you inside this course!

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