Freelance From Scratch

Take control of your career and reach the top of your creative game


Are you a creative and currently considering a transition to freelance? Are you already freelance and seeking to grow your business? This course distills 10+ years of my experience—and five years as a freelancer—into actionable items that you can use to build your career.

Would you like to take the leap to work as a freelancer online, to ditch your 9 to 5 and have the freedom to work when and where you want ? Or perhaps you just want to offer freelance services to supplement existing income?

  • Unsure or confused about where to start?
  • Need a way to start earning job free income immediately?
  • Looking for a way to find customers who are looking for the skills you offer?
  • Need a way to earn an income while you build your business?
  • Put off by the idea of having to chase work and pitching for projects?
This course is designed to help you start from scratch without a website or an existing customer network. The course will take you through all the necessary steps to set up your freelance brand and earn your first $1000 of income online.
The course will enable you to start earning online freelance income now and enable you to further develop your freelancing skills and your brand as you earn an income.

I have spent the last 4 years testing different freelance marketplaces and using specific strategies to find high-quality customers who were right for my business.

What if you could start a freelance business from scratch, rapidly grow a client list, and make a living doing what you love... from anywhere in the world?

"I finally went freelance, landed my first four clients and two collaborative deals with two Web agencies!

- Cathal, Course student

What will you learn?

  • How to freelance without a current customer list
  • Best places to find freelance work online
  • How to get customers coming to you
  • How to correctly market your Freelance services!
  • Create your own distinctive Freelance brand
  • How to earn your first $1000 online!
  • The most in demand Freelance services
  • How to Wow customers with 5-star customer service
  • How to take your freelance business to the next level!
  • Manageable, easy-to-digest lectures
  • Valuable links and resources

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    I know how important it is to get advice based on real-life examples. You’ll get solid, actionable information that will not only sharpen your business and communication skills — but will help you gain the confidence you need to excel at your career as an artist.

    All information is highly organised so you can reference back to it later. Or listen to a recording right before you enter that client meeting or decide to take on that project. The material is based on personal stories to give context to every situation. I’m not going to tell you what to think, but walk you through the options you have and how I think through things so you know where to start on your own path.

Course Curriculum

  Intro to how to freelance from scratch
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"Keep up the good work, your course is by far the best one, I really learned a lot unlike other courses. So thank you "

- Fernando, Course student

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Digital Content Producer, Founder of Mr Advocate for Freelancing online. I help aspiring freelancers find work online. I have been freelancing for over 10 years, my super duper freelancing skills include knowing where to find work online, building a freelance brand from scratch, finding well behaved customers ;) and building a freelance brand from scratch.

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