5 Easy Ways to Get Retweets on Twitter

Getting retweets on Twitter can help expand your reach, and allow you to establish yourself as some sort of authority in your niche.

So how do you get more retweets on Twitter, especially when you don’t have that many followers?
Here are 5 things that you can do on Twitter to get more retweets; even if you’re just starting.

1.Use hashtags in your Tweet
Using the right hashtags on Twitter will allow you to get your tweets in front of people in your ideal audience, who don’t already follow you. If you shared something that can benefit them in any way, they may retweet you (they may also even follow you).

2. Tweet without using links
Unless someone truly knows you and the value of the content that you share, they may be hesitant about retweeting you. When people retweet you, they may be directly or indirectly endorsing you. Sometimes, links could appear to be spammy, and it can make people skeptical about retweeting it. So when you tweet without asking someone to go to your website, they’ll often times be more than happy to share your content.

3. Add images to your Tweet
Images, no matter what they are, catch people’s attention. People are attracted to visual things. If someone sees your tweet that has a photo attached, they may stop to see what your photo is about. If your photo is something that they can resonate with, they will most likely retweeted if it’s something that aligns with their audience.

4. Pin your Tweet
When you pin your Tweet to your profile, every person who visits it will see it. If your pinned tweet is of something of value, it is more likely to be retweeted.

5 Tweet quotes
People love quotes! Quotes help us feel complete, they lift us up when we’re feeling down, they inspire us, and they can also give us a good laugh. There are many types of quotes that you can choose from. Figure out which ones resonate with your audience and tweet them.

Those are 5 methods that you can use to get more retweets on Twitter. They are very simple to implement whether you’re just starting, or have been around for a while and want more exposure and engagement.

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